Register to Vote '21 is an academic study about voter registration. Our project uses randomised controlled trials to test new social-media driven methods and messages to encourage the electoral participation of low-voter registration groups. We are funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust as part of its UK Democracy Fund. Out focus is on those living in private-rented accommodation, young people and BAME communities. We are seeking to encourage people to register to vote in the period before the May 2021 local elections and to find out whether newly registered voters turn out to vote, when mobilised. We are testing whether advertising on social media and via SMS-message are effective methods of mobilising citizens, and we are evaluating the use of behavioural techniques, the communication of dynamic norms, and reducing the perceived costs of registration, on voter registration and turnout. We will be working with local authorities to deliver the text message campaign.

We are researchers, based respectively at Kings College London and the London School of Economics who use randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to test strategies to increase political participation. Peter John is Professor of Public Policy at King's and Florian Foos is Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour at LSE. The other members of the team, Theresa Bischof, Asli Unan and Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno, are research students also at King's and at the LSE.

If you would like to receive more information about this study, please contact the Principal Investigators, Florian Foos ( and Peter John ( In case of any ethical concerns or complaints regarding this research project, you can also contact the LSE Research Governance Manager via

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