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Dr. Peter John

Peter is a Professor in Public Policy in the Department of Political Economy at King's College London. Previously, he was a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University College London from 2011 until 2017. Previously he held appointments at the University of Manchester, Birbeck, University of Southhampton, and University of Keele. He has a DPhil from the University of Oxford and his first main job was as a Research Fellow at the Policy Studies Institute.

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Dr. Florian Foos

Florian is an Assistant Professor in Political Behaviour in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He uses randomised field experiments to identify the effects of formal and informal interactions between campaigns and citizens on electoral mobilisation, opinion change and political activism. Florian's research also focuses on social dynamics in politics, and particularly political mobilisation in offline and online social networks. He has published in the American Journal of Political Science, The Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Political Science Research and Methods, Electoral Studies and the Journal of Experimental Political Science, and teaches widely on political behaviour and experimental methods. Florian received his D.Phil in Sociology from Nuffield College, University of Oxford (2015), and prior to joining the LSE, he was a Lecturer in Politics in the Department of Political Economy at King's College London.

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Vanessa Cheng-Matsuno

Vanessa is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Department of Government at the LSE. She is interested in understanding the relationship between politicians and bureaucrats, and how this dynamic influences and determines state capacity. Additionally, Vanessa was part of the World Bank's Bureaucracy Lab in Washington, DC, an initiative that builds empirically-driven research for public administration reform in developing countries. She has also worked as a research assistant in other international organisations and research centres and has served as a civil servant for the Peruvian government at the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Production. Vanessa has a solid training in quantitative methods and her work involves the use of experimental and quasi experimental methods. She holds a master's degree in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico.

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Asli Unan

Asli Unan is a PhD candidate in Political Economy at King's College London. Her research lies at the intersection of political economy and public policy. Her PhD work focuses on the relationship between electoral incentives and policy outcomes, and policy implications of gender norms and identity. She has experience working with survey experiments and using natural experiments for causal inference. She teaches Econometrics at King's College London. Her work has been published in Regulation & Governance.

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Olea Rusten-Rugumayo

Olea Rugumayo is a graphic designer with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Branding and Identity form the University of the Arts London. Her work often plays on the strength of colour in visual design. She is currently working in fashion production and brand consulting for Daniel Hettmann.


Theresa Bischof

Theresa Bischof is a Master's student in European & International Public Policy at the London School of Economics. Her previous research focuses on the relationship between public opinion and policy decisions. Her dissertation explores mechanism of political participation in social networks using a randomised field experiment. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from King's College London.